What is P333?

P333 is a solo guitar project that aims to praise and worship the life of Jesus Christ through music, from his virgin birth by the Holy Spirit to His boyhood and ministry as good Shepherd, to His persecution, death, resurrection and return to earth, ascension into heaven at the Father's right hand, and eventual Second Coming. P333 is instrumental worship interspersed with contemporary psalms that expresses the glory of the life of Jesus Christ in musical themes and rhythms. When the Alpha and the Omega stepped out of eternity, the incarnation of God into the man Jesus Christ was accomplished. Of all the wonderul things in His creation, I believe there is nothing more glorious than God coming d own to earth as the man Jesus Christ to save all human beings, who were trapped in the slavery of sin and unrighteousness. My inspiration for this project is my love for Jesus Christ and a sincere desire to express His magnificent life in musical motifs. The name P333 comes from Psalm 33:3, "sing unto Him a new song," as well as from the 333 specific references found in the Old Testament about the coming of the Messiah, Yeshua or Jesus Christ. Three is a number of divine perfection, representing the three persons of the Godhead.

Please pray for me as I begin to complete this good work Christ Jesus has prepared for me. Pray that God's Holy Spirt will lead me as I express the life of Christ Jesus on the electric and acoustic guitars. May God the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit receive the glory that is due Him, through this project and the actions of every Christian who is His witness "to the ends of the earth." May we each use our gifts as instructed by the Lord, to edify and strengthen His beloved bride, the body of Christ, His holy church here on earth. May the praise of our lips and our faith please God. May "everything that has breath praise Him!"

In Jesus Christ,



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