Women’s prayer 2009

1) Holy Spirit, pour out your spiritual gifts over us and give us all knowledge and guidance necessary in Christ Jesus to defeat the enemy. Show us where the enemy is hiding and may we pray constantly that the hearts of those who are captive to sin will repent and turn to Jesus Christ. We do not believe that any person is too sinful to be redeemed, and that even in the face of great evil, God is sovereign Lord over all that is seen, but especially over the unseen, which has been conquered by the precious blood of Christ Jesus. Amen.

2) Holy Spirit, may we make a bold offensive by the sword of Christ’s victory to free captives of sexual sin and pornography, to bring purity and joy back to His church, His beloved body, standing in the gap through prayer & the Word of God, knowing fully every moment that what we do to our bodies we do also to the body of Christ, and that He gives us the strength to flee sin and display a pure life devoted in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

3) Holy Spirit, give us strength and faith for the longer, harder race, not looking to our own needs but to the needs of Christ Jesus, who carried our shame and sin so that we would be given victory from the flesh which He overcame, a ransom for all, knowing that by His stripes we are healed and that we must finish the race, keep the faith, fighting the good fight for faith, and if we must boast, let it be in the Lord, for His glory, for all will be taught by God in Christ Jesus. Amen.

4) Holy Spirit, give provision, protection, and wisdom to missionaries around the world who are fighting for our daughters and little girls, women and young women, babies, children, and the unborn, mothers and grandmothers, to cherish the bodies and the lives that are created and cherished by God the Father, His beloved and precious vessel, woman, whom He made to be treasured-not for lust and degradation which is from the devil, the father of lies, who has been a liar from the beginning-but for gentle glory in the Lord, lifting Him up by faithfulness and tender grace, as living sacrifices of praise, a softer modest beauty in the Spirit. May all men love their wives as Christ Jesus loves His church, and ma y we pray blessings over our daughters and sons by being leaders in our homes and churches, leading by example, giving always rather than receiving. Lord Jesus, teach all men to give ! May we keep our eyes and hearts pure by turning from all sexual sin and refusing to look at pornography in any form, which breaks God’s heart. May all men ask: “How is God doing? What does God need? What can I do to give my love to Jesus, the love He gave to me?” For we were created for His pleasure, and God owes no one anything, but we, especially men, owe God everything! May we be humble, for God resists the proud. Amen.

5) Holy Spirit, may we be obedient to Christ Jesus, knowing Your love brings perfect obedience, and that all love is without fear, so that we can do all things through Jesus Christ who is sufficient always and everywhere in all things; may we do everything He asks without reluctance or fearfulness, knowing that in all things God is good, true, honest, and righteous, for He is completely blameless. Although all are liars, and our righteousness is as filthy rags, our God in three persons-Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-speaks the Truth in Christ Jesus. Amen.

6) Holy Spirit, rebuke those who have lifted a sword against our precious young daughters, against those who serve satan and the powers and principalities of this world, by revealing darkness in high places and bringing these dark legions out into the daylight, so they can be defeated completely, destroyed, and cast down by the blood of Jesus Christ, the Name above all names, the Lamb who was slain, who is coming again soon to reward each for what he has done, especially those who have kept the faith. Rebuke & discipline those who serve satan, who produce and fund pornography, the world sex trade, and abortion clinics; bring them to the light of Jesus Christ by His grace and mercy. While we detest evil, may we love those who are trapped in darkness behind enemy lines. May we light our lamps, patiently waiting for His arrival in the eastern sky, for we are lights on a hill, the salt of the earth, shining the love of God to all, His faithful witnesses to the ends of the earth. Amen.

7) May every man be a bold servant for Your kingdom. Make us wise servants and good stewards of all You have provided, so that You may overcome the evil of pornography here in the United States and the sex slave trade that is imprisoning our daughters all over the world. May we regain the love we had for You at first, rejoicing and praising You in worship every morning, having a thankful heart for the indescribable gifts that You have given through the Holy Spirit. Overcome evil in high places and conquer satan wherever he hides, keeping us pure, harmless as doves, infants in evil, loving our brothers and sisters, showing hospitality to all in the name of Jesus Christ. We pray for grace and salvation for those who are chained by sexual addiction & slavery. May we all be witnesses who walk in purity and renounce all lust of the eyes & flesh, taking no pride in anything but the glory of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, through whom we are fully justified and being sanctified. May the fire of the Holy Spirit burn in our hearts, with zeal for Christ Jesus. May Your love and peace, heavenly Father, reign forever upon the earth. Amen.


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